Guilherme Farias.

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur and Speaker

I have 8 years of experience in web development, I specialize in Digital Products. Most of my career has been built on JavaScript stack, with front-end and back-end technologies such as NodeJS, PostgreSQL, and DevOps as well.

My relationship with technology and the internet comes from 2008, with the creation of my Technology Blog, when I was only 15 years old, when I reached 1 million visitors and few national awards.

My growth as a developer was fast and intense, with about 1 year of experience I was already speaking at local events/meetups and soon afterwards it expanded to other regions of Brazil, I have already speak in more than 20 events around Brazil and received even international recognition.

In 2012 start my first own company, since then I have been a partner of 5 companies, today I am building a product that intends to revolutionize the how medical clinics works in Brazil. Below you can check out a little of my professional journey.

Software Engineering
Digital Product



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+ 20 talks and workshops around Brazil
+ 20 softwares built in my Full-Stack phase
+ 70 websites developed in my Front-End phase
Creation of 2 Digital Products that started from zero to national level
Consulting and training for companies and developer teams

Professional Experiences

Phase 1 - Technology Blogger
Phase 3 - FullStack Web Developer
Phase 2 - Front-End
Phase 4 - Teach Lead / Tech Strategy / CTO

My first contact with HTML was at the Brazilian hype of Fotologs and Flogão in 2005 and 2006.

In 2007 I met the Blogger platform and started learning how to create sites, my first project was a downloads blog (similar to Baixaki, that was an huge website in Brazil)

In 2008, when I was 15 years old, I created the Guiky Blog, where I wrote about the news of the world of technology, internet and digital culture in general. Gradually I gained visibility, learned about digital marketing, made many partnerships with other blogs of the same niche, link building, SEO.

When the blog was growing, it was necessary to become more professional, at this moment I began to study with intensity the web technologies: HTML, CSS and JS.


In 2010, the blog had more than half million visitors, I even received peaks of 10 thousand readers in the day, in the same year I started to have few awards like be invited by Nokia to the event where she introduced her first smartphones and also was one of the highlights of the Buscapé contest which aimed to select, recommend and recognize the best independent content production initiatives in Brazil. I was ranked 3rd in the TopBlog Award in the Technology category, by the Academic Jury. It was in this year that I started to dedicate my studies to the WordPress platform and I finished my High School.


At 17, already with experience in websites, blogs and digital marketing, I decided to direct my career to the development of internet systems and started my Bachelor of Information Systems.

I had my first professional experience in a large company, I was an IT intern at Altino Ventura Foundation, a hospital where I absorbed a lot of knowledge, from local network infrastructure, server management and configuration, information security concepts, to software development concepts and the main thing: I began to understand a little bit about the complexity of managing larger companies with hundreds of employees and the most varied organizational processes.

It was the year that my Blog reached the 1 million visitors achievement.


The networking of blogs led me to the networking of advertising agencies, as I already did my own sites, there was the opportunity to do jobs as a freelancer for the advertising agencies. I entered the second phase of my career: Front-End.

At the beginning of the year I had another transformative experience: going to São Paulo for the fifth edition of Campus Party Brazil, it was the first time I flew, it was at this same event that I met the Mozilla Foundation staff, from then on I also started engaging in the evangelism of Firefox and its technologies, was the biggest technology event I had ever gone through

Another important recognition for the Blog happened: I was invited to participate in the first edition of Campus Party Recife as a Press, along with others great medias, this credential gave me access to some restricted areas of the event, which helped me to make a cover more complete.

With the deeper knowledge in Front End and domain in PHP and WordPress, I was contracted by MGR Tecnologia, a company that developed a corporate social network, Cahier.

At this point I already had a full-time job as a front-end, a college and freelancers, with that, the time I had to dedicate to the blog was getting more and more disputed, I began to reduce the frequency of my publications, but I was able to count on the support of other publishers to maintain content production.

From that year my life changed completely, I entered into a strong hardwork routine and I had a fast professional growth, with the boom of HTML5 and ES5.1, there was a revolution in the way of building the Web, new possibilities arose with the Modern Web Applications, from Single Page Application and frameworks like AngularJS to hybrid mobile applications with Phonegap.

JavaScript is no longer just a browser language and has begun to become popular in other devices. At the moment I was experiencing and following closely all this evolution of the web, I ended up gaining a local notoriety and in December I received the invitation to hold my first talk: talk about mobile applications with html5, a recent theme for that time and next to two big names: Stoyan Stefanov, author of some books I had read and engineer of Facebook and Caridy Patiño, engineer of Yahoo, which was part of some projects of global scale and my first NodeJS reference.

I finished the year focused on becoming a World Class Web Developer.


I went to dozens of events and metups from the developer community, including helping to organize some, I started to speak in other states of Brazil, I did 8 lectures throughout the year and became a reference for many professionals in the area, I was also one of the main evangelizers of FirefoxOS in Brazil.

In addition to intensive front-end studies, I also began to focus on NodeJS, CentOS servers and PostgreSQL, I started becoming a Full-Stack developer.

Without investment, I and two other partners started Chama Communication, an advertising agency, in a few months time we were able to set up our first office in Recife, where we spent working nights, delivered dozens of projects and learned a lot.

At this stage I used to work and study 100hrs a week, my routine was to work in the MGR, Flame Communication, attend college and move the front-end community. I had to move away from the blog.


The demand for creation of sites and systems was growing, I left the job at the MGR and I entered into entrepreneurship, I started to dedicate myself to my projects only.

In the period that I stayed in Chama Comunicação, I was the only programmer and I did about 70 sites for customers, near the end of the year I left the company to dedicate myself exclusively to the web development

Throughout the year I started another project with a new partner, Code Consultants, a systems development company that I work for 7 months

In that period I received several proposals to work outside Brazil, it was the year that I realized that I had become a developer of international level, both because of the proposals coming from countries in Europe, South America and the United States, as well as the recognition that Mozilla Foundation made me and 4,536 people from all over the world, where they got their names honored at the monument that was built in front of their San Francisco, California office.

Near the end of the year, and after leaving Code Consultants, I founded DigitalBits, also a systems development company, located in Olinda city.

At the end of the year I completed the Information Systems Bachelor Degree, presenting a Bachelor Dissertation about High Performance and Scalable Applications with NodeJS, a research that later served as a reference for other students of the college and who also received some citations in future works.


Among DigitalBits's projects was born Wisp, a digital product that provided metrics for Instagram profiles, this project was developed together with Agencia Cloud, a software-as-a-service company that already had Instamizer, a digital product for Instagram's profile management, which was rapidly growing its customer base.

During the Wisp project, we had the idea of ​​uniting the companies, joining the specialties of each one, on the one hand DigitalBits with a strong know-how in the development of modern web applications, and the Cloud Agency with a strong know-how in products.

With the merger of the partners of these two companies came Leet, a company with three products aimed at the social media market: Instamizer, Automizer and Wisp.

My focus has become Leet, and DigitalBits has stopped developing systems, becoming just a company for my consulting and training

At the moment I was in the fourth phase of my career, besides being a Full-Stack developer, I took on the responsibilities of recruiting, training and developing the team of developers, implementing SCRUM, Code Review and other methodologies and techniques to keep the team productive. of maintaining the consistency quality of the project code, as well as passing on and distributing sprint requirements to the team.


We have reached 5,000 monthly subscribers, being the main Instagram management product of Brazil, ith a wide national reputation in this segment, being mentioned in blogs, websites and in the talks of the biggest digital marketing professionals for Instagram, the main agencies of advertising in Brazil used our products, and consequently the largest profiles of Brazil were on our platform.

Leet was born with a completely digital culture, and this was necessary for expanding the company in so fast in such a short time and with a very lean structure (less than 20 employees). By 2016, in addition to the 5,000 monthly subscribers, we had already reached 40,000 customers and we had more than 100,000 users registered in our products, all from a strong digital presence, using the most varied and modern digital marketing strategies.

We made great product successes, much of this was thanks to a strong participation of the digital marketing community in Brazil, through the "Instamizer Enthusiasts" group on facebook, hundreds of professionals reported their wishes and needs internally we had a ranking and we organized the sprint to serve as many customers as possible. And of course, always preserving the identity and purpose of each product, which implies in saying no to several features requests.

In my time with the Blog I learned a lot about digital marketing, but during my participation in Leet my knowledge rose to other levels, I lived and witnessed the result of each digital strategy adopted, I learned a lot from the professionals who were part of the company, this experience influenced a lot my vision of software development. From the collection of the requirements, to the design of the sprints, the development, until the delivery of the features, that could not be a simple changelog, but a richer way to present to the customers the new features, as well as the experience of building a customer service and customer success team to meet and keep the 5,000 satisfied customers, which is crucial for any product that lives on signatures.

In 2016 came the invitation to build another project of national scale: AMIGO, a system for managing medical clinics, but with a much bolder differential: providing real-time and large-scale accounting services, and reducing the bureaucracy of the billing segment of health insurances. A very ambitious project that would elevate my experience both as Software Engineer and Entrepreneur to another level, I spent a couple of months in the two companies during a transition period, and I left the Leet company to become a partner of PraxisBPO and build this new project from zero.


At the beginning of the year we finished developing the experimental version and began to validate AMIGO in the market. As the system was receiving clients of new medical specialties, we learned the peculiarities of each health segment, 2017 was the year of maturity of the product.

With a great acceptance of the market, we started the expansion of the company, we grew the team, we developed new areas and we opened the first branch in the São Paulo city


It was a year of strong product evolution, company growth, and personal and professional evolution. It was the year of my first international trip, I met 7 countries, I visited overseas companies and exchanged experiences with high level professionals from around the world, especially Spotify, where I was able to visit the headquarters in Sweden and learn a lot about how they build your product.

We expanded the Recife office to a larger room, which united the 3 previous Recife offices, opened the second branch in Brasília and ended the year with operations in João Pessoa, Fortaleza and Porto Alegre. In addition to having about 70 people involved in the project.

This project deals with sensitive information and the most varied accounting, tax, medical and financial business rules, which required a higher level of professional maturity, was another evolution in my career, expanding, organizing and forming a team of developers that has ability to meet the demands at the challenging speed of growth that design requires, while maintaining product quality, with a minimum tolerance for failures and tons of functionality and business rules.


It's happening ;)

Technology Blogger at Guiky

12/2008 - 12/2012 (4 years and 1 month)

Information Systems Bachelor Degree

02/2011 - 12/2014 (4 years)

Intern at Fundação Altino Ventura

10/2011 - 03/2012 (6 months)

Front-End Freelancer

01/2012 - 12/2015 (4 years)

MGR Tecnologia

04/2012 - 08/2014 (2 years e 5 months)

Front-End (1 year)

Full-Stack (1 year)

Tech Lead (5 months)


12/2012 until today (6 years+)

Mozillian at Mozilla Foundation

2012 - 2016 (4 years)

Partner and CTO at Chama Comunicação

11/2012 - 09/2014 (1 year and 11 months)

Partner and CTO at Code Consultants

09/2014 - 03/2015 (7 months)

CEO em DigitalBits

10/2014 until today (4 years+)

Partner and CTO at Leet

07/2015 - 07/2016 (1 year and 1 month)

Partner and CTO at PraxisBPO

07/2016 until today (2 years+)


“These are the educators, technologists, thinkers and builders, past and present, who help us keep the internet alive and freely accessible - a global community working to empower people to be informed contributors and creators of the web.”
Mozilla Office in San Franscisco, California.


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